VIZIO Announces 2018 P-Series® 4K HDR Smart TVs

VIZIO Press Release

Stellar Picture Quality Performance Complemented by Bezel-Less Design, VIZIO SmartCast™ with Voice-Control Support From Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Irvine, CA - June 5, 2018 - VIZIO, Inc. announced today the availability of its all-new 2018 P-Series 4K HDR Smart TV collection - the  ideal solution for consumers seeking a smart TV packed with  high-quality performance features. The latest P-Series collection  features a bezel-less industrial design, a compelling blend of 4K HDR  picture quality enhancements and unprecedented smart TV and smart home  capabilities. Complete with advancements like Dolby Vision™ HDR, up to 1,000 nits of peak brightness and over one billion colors thanks to Ultra Color Spectrum®,  the P-Series collection delivers on next-level color, clarity and  contrast bound to impress even the most demanding videophiles. 

To round  out the experience, VIZIO's 2018 SmartCast OS offers unparalleled  streaming options and smart home controls with the integration of  voice-control support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Offered in  55", 65" and 75" class sizes, the 2018 P-Series 4K HDR Smart TVs are now  available on and retailers such as Best Buy, Costco, Walmart,  Sam's Club and Target. Pricing ranges from an MSRP of $899.99 for the 55" class size to an MSRP of $2,499.99 for the 75" class size.

Expansive  colors, superior HDR performance and pristine 4K detail allow the 2018  P-Series 4K HDR Smart TVs to deliver a jaw-dropping experience in every  frame. Dolby Vision HDR enhances images by elevating color, detail and  depth for an extraordinary level of realism. VIZIO's high-performance  Active Full Array Pro™ backlight combines a powerful full  array backlight with up to 120 local dimming zones, resulting in added  vibrancy and incredibly deep black levels. Water will shimmer and fire  will flicker with more luminance than ever before thanks to UltraBright  1000 which features up to 1,000 nits of peak brightness to deliver  intensely realistic on-screen imagery. Equipped with Ultra Color  Spectrum technology, the P-Series utilizes more than one billion colors  in each scene to impeccably match every hue and tone with incredible  accuracy. Clear Action™ 720 with  superior motion clarity ensures fast-action content looks both smooth  and razor-sharp thanks to powerful image processing and a 240Hz  effective refresh rate achieved with backlight scanning.

"Picture  quality technologies like Ultra Color Spectrum, Dolby Vision HDR and  UltraBright 1000 enable the P-Series to take 4K HDR performance to the  next level," said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO.  "Incredibly realistic on-screen imagery is complemented by cutting-edge  smart TV features to round out the collection's entertainment  experience. VIZIO SmartCast OS not only expands discovery and streaming  options so consumers can watch content they love from their favorite  apps, but also serves as an ideal centerpiece to any smart home with  easy-to-use voice-control support through Amazon Alexa and Google  Assistant."

From  everyday users to cord-cutters and smart home enthusiasts, the 2018  SmartCast OS ensures VIZIO users are met with a versatile and intuitive  smart TV experience. Popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu, iHeartRadio, Crackle and Xumo can be instantly accessed on the TV screen using the included remote1. Users can also download the free SmartCast Mobile™ app to turn their smartphone into a touchscreen remote. To  round out the streaming app experience, the SmartCast OS features  Google Chromecast built-in which allows users to access thousands of  Chromecast-enabled apps for a range of free, subscription and paid  content.

The VIZIO 2018 SmartCast OS also serves as the perfect smart home companion. With voice-control  support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, users to control their  TVs without lifting a finger. By utilizing speaking commands, users can  turn their TVs on and off, change channels or adjust volume - and for  Google Assistant users, even stream content to the TV.

Offering  a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen design and sophisticated aluminum  styling, the P-Series is an ideal focal point for any room in the home.  The three-sided bezel-less design pushes the screen virtually to the  edge of the display for a more immersive viewing experience. This modern  aesthetic, combined with videophile-worthy picture quality and an  intuitive smart TV experience makes the 2018 VIZIO P-Series 4K HDR  collection an ideal focal point for any next-level entertainment setup.
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2018 P-Series® 4K HDR Smart TV Collection
VIZIO P-Series® 55" 4K HDR Smart TV    (P55-F1) MSRP $899.99
VIZIO P-Series® 65" 4K HDR Smart TV  (P65-F1) MSRP $1,299.99
VIZIO P-Series® 75" 4K HDR Smart TV  (P75-F1) MSRP $2,499.99
1 The  third party applications and content described herein may only be  available in certain countries and languages, may require additional  fees or subscription charges, and may be subject to future updates,  modifications, interruption and/or discontinuation of service without  notice, and VIZIO has no control over such content.

VIZIO's  mission is to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience through our  community of connected consumers, advertisers, and media content  providers. Through our connected entertainment platform, VIZIO is  transforming the way consumers discover and experience media content.  Since our founding in California in 2002, VIZIO has built an  industry-leading brand and sold over 75 million products, including  televisions, sound bars and other devices. VIZIO is a leading HDTV brand  in America1 and is the #1 sound bar brand in America2.  VIZIO product leadership is highlighted by a number of industry reviews  and awards, making the 2017 collection the most awarded in company  history. The 2017 VIZIO SmartCast E, M and P-Series Displays all received's Editor's Choice awards3 and were  listed as the site's "Best of the Year." The 2017 VIZIO M-Series  SmartCast Display received CNET's Editor's Choice with an 8.6 rating4. The M-Series also received the Editor's Choice from PCmag5. VIZIO's SB3851 was rated "The Best Budget Soundbar" by The Wirecutter6, a New York Times company, and VIZIO's SB3621n-E8 sound bar received a 9.1 score and an Editor's Choice from CNET7. For more information, please call 888-VIZIOCE or visit
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I have reviewed my share of VIZIOs in my time. And looking at the specs for this new 2018 P-Series, this 4K LED Smart TV should be a winner with high-end features, like full array backlighting, at a very competitive price point. 

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