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Hisense’s 2017 H9D and H9D Plus ULED™ 4K UHD Smart TV Lineup Hits Store Shelves


Leader in affordable luxury also announces availability of H7D, H6D and redesigned, customizable Smart TV platform


| May 24, 2017 |


Suwanee, GA – Hisense, the multinational consumer technology manufacturer and one of the largest television brands in the world, today announces the availability of its H9D and H9D Plus 4K ULED™ as well as H7D, and H6D 4K Smart TV Series in the United States. Select models in the 2017 line-up, first unveiled at January’s International CES, are Ultra LED models with our proprietary ULED™ technology, and includes models with premium features like HDR*, Wide Color Gamut, Motion Rate technology, Local Dimming, dbx-tv® Award-Winning Audio Technology, built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, FandangoNow, VUDU, Pandora and hundreds of other apps available for download from the Opera App store – part of a redesigned Smart TV platform with access to all the best content.


“At Hisense, our mission is to make premium picture quality, like our proprietary ULED™ technology, accessible to everyone.” says Mark Viken, Hisense USA Vice President of Marketing. “Amazing content is bringing consumers back to the living room and we believe that our Hisense 4K television line-up offers an amazing, large screen viewing experience for everyone.”


The first of Hisense’s ULED™ TVs to arrive in stores this year are the H9D and H9D Plus, available at select retailers nationwide.


Featuring HDR*, Wide Color Gamut, Motion Rate and Local Dimming, the H9D Series produces the most colorful, crisp, and smooth images available today. Hisense’s ULED™ technology features better dynamic range and perception of black and white. The technology enhances color, contrast, black level, brightness and smooth motion with a combination of advanced hardware and software – crucial for sports fanatics and action film fans looking for optimum viewing from day to night. The H9D Plus Series offers all of the excellent qualities of the H9D Series with faster Motion Rate for those who love to watch fast action on their televisions.

 (pictured below).

All 2017 LG OLED TVs feature Active HDR to render brighter scenes and greater shadow details when displaying HDR content. Active HDR allows LG TVs to process the picture scene by scene, inserting dynamic data where needed. In addition, 2017 LG TVs support the full palette of HDR formats, including Dolby VisionTM, HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). This versatility is compounded by the new HDR Effect feature, which processes standard definition content to improve brightness in specific areas and enhance contrast ratios, rendering more precise images.


LG’s 2017 OLED TVs are the ultimate expression of a cinema-quality experience in the home, being the first TVs in the market to offer innovative Dolby Atmos™ sound quality coupled with stunning image reproduction.

LG OLED 65-inch E7

(Pictured above - LG OLED 65-inch E7)





  • LG OLED 55-inch C7 (OLED55C7P)February$3,499
  • LG SIGNATURE OLED 65-inch W7 (OLED65W7P)February$7,999
  • LG OLED 65-inch E7 (OLED65E7P)March$5,999
  • LG OLED 65-inch C7 (OLED65C7P)March$4,999
  • LG OLED 65-inch G7 (OLED65G7P)March$6,999
  • LG OLED 55-inch E7 (OLED55E7P)May$4,499




2017 LG OLED TVs will be available at retailers nationwide. Visit or check your local retailer for availability.


(Pictured below - LG OLED 65-inch G7)

LG OLED 65-inch G7

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LG OLED 65-inch E7
LG OLED 65-inch G7

LG OLED 65-inch E7
LG OLED 65-inch G7